The Logo makes sense – to us it is symbolic.


Two gliders like two skin triangles, whith follow each others, but remain united as one.

The pilot is on his own, confident in his instruments he is steering his course.


 The Fiesch Open 2011 will be a challenge.


International Tender FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) open for all participants from Europe and overseas -  from all over the world. Already pilots from 19 nations are registered! 
(Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Netherland, Poland, New Zealand, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA, Stand 23.3.11) provisional participant lists

In the actual participant list there are 70 pilots out of the top100 of the actual world ranking lists. Thereof are even 23 of the top 30  flex-pilots!


the double actual world master of both classes flex and rigid 

Alex Ploner  and 
all number 1 of the 3 actual world ranking lists

flex: Primoz Gricar
rigid: Tim Grabowski
women: Julia Kucherenko

And the multiple world masters Christian Ciech und Manfred Ruhmer
And the european master 2008: Elio Cataldi


The features of the landscape, the infrastructure and the will to do something extraordinary, are the essences for a great experience.

Competition, friendship and sociability shall enable the sport to be experienced even for outsiders. The participants stay for us in focus as people and as sportsmen. Personality and fellowship united in sport.

Through sponsoring we want to create partners who identify themselves with our sport and, with their contribution, help to finance the event. Any possible profit will be used for the up-and-coming delta-pilots.

We will include local businesses and flying enthusiasts.

A wonderful flying area receives the national and international publicity that it deserves. By working with the press and other media, not only will the sport of flying find acceptance but will also be able to generate enthusiasm among young and old.

We want to exploit synergies and stand for an open and honest communication internally and externally. Suggestions and collaboration are explicitly welcome.




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assistance for the up-and-coming delta-pilots