In the morning an international VIP will be flown to the launch to handover the Leader Jersey, this will give the event glamour and additional, international attention by the media. The flight with the VIP-Helicopter from Berne, Belp over the alps has been sponsored. Each evening  there will be attractions at  the landing-field in Ulrichen, which will delight young und old from near and far.

With your sponsor contributing of 200 Swiss Francs

you are an appreciated sponsor enjoying special privileges.

you will get 4 pins (symbol of the assistance for the up-and-coming delta-pilots). The pins are being sold at the event for 50 Swiss Francs a piece. You are free to decide, to donate or sell them. Selling them, you earn back your sponsoring contribution and

you will enjoy publicity, since your logo appears on several print media (e.g. pilot’s card, program, prize award ceremony, and many more) and

you will be invited to join the Welcome-Evening on the 6.7.2011 at 8 pm.

If you have any other good idea, we are very interested in get to know!

You would like to make business with us? Let us know. We will be happy to promote you through advertising and provide you an additional support. For this service we charge you 10% of your earned revenues. That’s all.

Obviously you may decide to pay us even more. As you know, we need funds to cover unavoidable costs, and any possible profit will be used for the up-and-coming delta-pilots.

If you want to support us even more, you can do so by

selling our pins. You get a provision.

selling our Jerseys.  You get a provision.

joining our team as a volunteer.

Thank you in advance for your engagement for the success of the Fiesch Open 2011.



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assistance for the up-and-coming delta-pilots